Sundari is Croatian based contemporary fusion dancer, choreographer and musician. After getting her Masters degree in Music academy as Violist in 2006. her music/dance exploration journey begins. Starting as yoga lover she discovered tribal fusion bellydance and become obsessed in training and traveling in order to study with different dance teachers all around the world. In India she was inspired by Odissi – Indian classical dance and dedicated a few years of regular training in this form. In 2014/15 she is mainly inspired by Contemporary and Modern techniques including ballet, aerial dance (corde lisse), Capoeira Angola and traditional afro -brasilian Orixa dance movement. In January 2014 she went in Salvador, Brasil to study Silvestre technique.

  • Student of DanceCraft format by Zoe jakes and has passed level 2 – Key Of Spades Certification now preparing for the 3rd Key
  • She studied level 1 and 2 of Unmata ITS (Improvisational Tribal Style) and finds a great inspiration in Amy Sigil and Unmata.
  • Since 2017. she is studying with Orchidaceae dance company and expanding her knowledge in Urban Fusion stylisation.
  • Currently studying Vogue, Popping and Waving as addition to this.

In Croatia she has her own Dance Association under the name “Natya” and from February 2017 she started teaching on a regular base in Zagreb trying to embody all different aspects of tribal fusion through her classes and provide quality dance training in this dance form.

With her partner she is producing a brand new fusion dance festival in Croatia under the name Fusion Faire with a goal to educate, unite and promote dancers from all over the globe.

She is a proud member of “United Tribes” – performance troupe where she plays violin in “ Et’Nas” band, presenting Fire Show performances with “Vodorige” and dancing with her dance troupe “Natya DC” .

Wondering and exploring, creating and training, fusing and mixing all the given knowledge through her own inner voice…making little miracles and sharing her love for music and dance on each step she makes…

fb: natyaDCe
instagram: sundaridance